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and organized by

8th International Conference on Security and Privacy in Communication Networks

September 3–5, 2012 | Padua, Italy

Palazzo Moroni (Sala Paladin)
via del Municipio, 1
35122 Padova

Palazzo Moroni is located in front of Palazzo del Bo, headquarter of the University of Padova.

Please visit PADOVANET.IT to learn more about Padova and to get information on “How to Reach”.

Those who reach Padova by train can easily walk (ETA 15min) to the conference venue at Palazzo Moroni or can catch the bus lines 12 or 18 from the train station to Via Ponti Romani and from there proceed by feet to Palazzo Moroni (ETA 1min). In alternative, from the train station one can take the tram service and get off to Via Ponti Romani. Bus tickets can be bought at the station, at every tobacconist's or in some bars as well.

The venue on google maps.