Accepted papers

Accepted papers from Main Track & Late Track

Message Recovery Attack of Kyber Based on Information Leakage in Decoding Operation
What Data Do The Google Dialer and Messages Apps On Android Send to Google?
CTDRB: Controllable Timed Data Release using Blockchains
MetaPriv: Acting in Favor of Privacy on Social Media Platforms
Coreference Resolution for Cybersecurity Entity: Towards Explicit, Comprehensive Cybersecurity Knowledge Graph with Low Redundancy
Towards high transferability on neural network for black-box adversarial attacks
DQR: A Double Q Learning Multi Agent Routing Protocol for Wireless Medical Sensor Network
No-Fuzz: Efficient Anti-Fuzzing Techniques
Generic 2-Party PFE with Constant Rounds and Linear Active Security, and Efficient Instantiation
Language and platform independent attribution of heterogeneous code
A Random Reversible Watermarking Schefme for Relational Data
Granting Access Privileges using OpenID Connect in Permissioned Distributed Ledgers
Assessing the Quality of Differentially Private Synthetic Data for Intrusion Detection
Secure CV2X using COTS Smartphones over LTE Infrastructure
PII-PSM: A New Targeted Password Strength Meter Using Personally Identifiable Information
Enabling Accurate Data Recovery for Mobile Devices against Malware Attacks
Another Lattice Attack against ECDSA with the wNAF to Recover More Bits per Signature
Symmetrical Disguise: Realizing Homomorphic Encryption Services from Symmetric Primitives
Blockchain-based Ciphertext Policy-hiding Access Control Scheme
Forensic Analysis and Detection of Spoofing based Email Attack using Memory Forensics and Machine Learning
Replicated additive secret sharing with the optimized number of shares
Multi-relational Instruction Association Graph for Cross-architecture Binary Similarity Comparison
Decentralized and Efficient Blockchain Rewriting with Bi-level Validity Verification
An Evolutionary Learning Approach towards the Open Challenge of IoT Device Identification
Classification-Based Anomaly Prediction in XACML Policies
FairBlock: Preventing Blockchain Front-running with Minimal Overheads
SecureBERT: A Domain-Specific Language Model for Cybersecurity
A Cross-layer Plausibly Deniable Encryption System for Mobile Devices
Detection and Privacy Leakage Analysis of Third-party Libraries in Android Apps
Silver Surfers on the Tech Wave: Privacy Analysis of Android Apps for the Elderly
Hiatus: Unsupervised Generative Approach for Detection of DoS and DDoS Attacks
Breaking Embedded Software Homogeneity with Protocol Mutations
MAG-PUF: Magnetic Physical Unclonable Functions for Device Authentication in the IoT
eSROP attack: leveraging signal handler to implement Turing-complete attack under CFI defense
Bootstrapping Trust in Community Repository Projects
Cost-effective malware classification based on deep active learning
CapsITD: Malicious Insider Threat Detection Based on Capsule Neural Network
TERSE: Tiny Encryptions and Really Speedy Execution for Post-Quantum Private Stream Aggregation
Adversary for Social Good: Leveraging Attribute-Obfuscating Attack to Protect User Privacy on Social Networks
AttackMiner: A Graph Neural Network Based Approach for Attack Detection from Audit Logs
BODM: Intrusion Detection System Based on Bayesian Optimization and Decision Model in the Internet of Things
Research on the Grouping Method of Side-Channel Leakage Detection
PREFHE, PREFHE-AES and PREFHE-SGX: Secure Multiparty Computation Protocols from Fully Homomorphic Encryption and Proxy ReEncryption With AES and Intel SGX
A Generalized Unknown Malware Classification