Accepted papers

Full Papers

  • Eman Alashwali (University of Oxford) Pawel Szalachowski (Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD)) Andrew Martin (University of Oxford)
    Towards Forward Secure Internet Traffic
  • Yu Liu (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) Matthew Squires (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) Curtis Taylor (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) Robert Walls (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) Craig Shue (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
    Account Lockouts: Characterizing and Preventing Account Denial-of-Service Attacks
  • Mengxia Luo (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences) Can Yang (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences) Lei Yu (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences)
    FuncNet: A Euclidean Embedding Approach for Lightweight Binary Association Analysis
  • Jiahao Cao (Tsinghua University) Kun Sun (George Mason University) Qi Li (Tsinghua University) Mingwei Xu (Tsinghua University) Zijie Yang (Tsinghua University) Kyung Joon Kwak (Intelligent Automation Inc) Jason Li (Intelligent Automation Inc)
    Covert Channels in SDN: Leaking Out Information from Controllers to End Hosts
  • Kun Du (Tsinghua University) Hao Yang (Tsinghua University) Zhou Li (University of California, Irvine) Haixin Duan (Tsinghua University) Shuang Hao (The University of Texas at Dallas) Baojun Liu (Tsinghua University) Yuxiao Ye (The University of Edinburgh) Mingxuan Liu (Tsinghua University) Xiaodong Su (Baidu) Guang Liu (Baidu) Zhifeng Geng (Baidu) Zaifeng Zhang (Qihoo 360) Jinjin Liang (Baidu)
    TL;DR Hazard: A Comprehensive Study of Levelsquatting Scams
  • Ahmad Alagil (University of South Florida) Yao Liu (University of South Florida)
    Random Allocation Seed-DSSS Broadcast Communication against Jamming Attacks
  • Yao Deng (Shanghai Jiao Tong University) Shuyang Tang (Shanghai Jiao Tong University) Jilai Zheng (Shanghai Jiao Tong University) Zhiqiang Liu (Shanghai Jiao Tong University) Zhen Liu (Shanghai Jiao Tong University) Yu Long (Shanghai Jiao Tong University) Dawu Gu (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
    Towards a Multi-Chain Future of Proof-of-Space
  • Jiahao Ding (University of Houston) Sai Mounika Errapotu (University of Houston) Haijun Zhang (University of Science and Technology Beijing) Yanmin Gong (Oklahoma State University) Miao Pan (University of Houston) Zhu Han (University of Houston)
    Stochastic ADMM Based Distributed Machine Learning with Differential Privacy
  • Dawei Chu (Chinese Academy of Sciences) Jingqiang Lin (Chinese Academy of Sciences) Fengjun Li (The University of Kansas) Xiaokun Zhang (Chinese Academy of Sciences) Qiongxiao Wang (Chinese Academy of Sciences) Guangqi Liu (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
    Ticket Transparency: Accountable Single Sign-On with Privacy-Preserving Public Logs
  • Yaping Liu (Guangzhou University) Shuo Zhang (Guangzhou University) Haojin Zhu (Shanghai Jiao Tong University) Peng-Jun Wan (Illinois Institute of Technology) Lixin Gao (University of Massachusetts at Amherst) Yaoxue Zhang (Tsinghua University)
    An Enhanced Verifiable Inter-domain Routing Protocol based on Blockchain
  • Xinying Wu (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences) Yuan Ma (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences) Jing Yang (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences) Tianyu Chen (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences) Jingqiang Lin (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences)
    On the Security of TRNGs based on Multiple Ring Oscillators
  • Ralph Palutke (Friedrich-Alexander-Universitaet Erlangen-Nuernberg) Andreas Neubaum (Friedrich-Alexander-Universitaet Erlangen-Nuernberg) Johannes Götzfried (Friedrich-Alexander-Universitaet Erlangen-Nuernberg)
    SEVGuard: Protecting User Mode Applications using Secure Encrypted Virtualization
  • Jing Hou (Auburn University) Li Sun (Auburn University) Tao Shu (Auburn University) Husheng Li (University of Tennessee Knoxville)
    Target Information Trading – An Economic Perspective of Security
  • Savio Sciancalepore (Hamad Bin Khalifa University) Saeif Alhazbi (Hamad Bin Khalifa University) Roberto Di Pietro (Hamad Bin Khalifa University)
    Location Privacy Issues in the Opensky-Network Crowdsourcing Platform
  • Changbo Tian (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences) Yongzheng Zhang (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences) Tao Yin (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences) Yupeng Tuo (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences) Ruihai Ge (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences)
    A Loss-tolerant Mechanism of Message Segmentation and Reconstruction in Multi-path Communication of Anti-tracking Network
  • Lichuan Ma (Xidian University) Qingqi Pei (Xidian University) Youyang Qu (Deakin University) Kefeng Fan (China Electronics Standardization Institute) Xin Lai (Xunlei Network Technologies)
    Decentralized Privacy-Preserving Reputation Management for Mobile Crowdsensing
  • Kai Li (Syracuse University) Yuzhe Tang (Syracuse University) Beom Heyn Kim (University of Toronto) Jianliang Xu (Hong Kong Baptist University)
    Secure Consistency Verification for Untrusted Cloud Storage by Public Blockchains
  • Rui Zhao (University of Nebraska Omaha) Edward Chow (University of Colorado Colorado Springs) Chunchun Li (University of Colorado Colorado Springs)
    Traffic-based Automatic Detection of Browser Fingerprinting
  • Yurong Chen (George Washington University) Tian Lan (George Washington University) Guru Venkataramani (George Washington University)
    CustomPro: Network Protocol Customization through Cross-host Feature Analysis
  • Riccardo Bortolameotti (University of Twente) Thijs van Ede (University of Twente) Andrea Continella (University of California, Santa Barbara) Maarten H. Everts (University of Twente) Willem Jonker (University of Twente) Pieter Hartel (Delft University of Technology) Andreas Peter (University of Twente)
    Victim-Aware Adaptive Covert Channels
  • Shuang Zhao (Chinese Academy of Sciences) Xiaobo Ma (Xi’an Jiaotong University) Wei Zou (Chinese Academy of Sciences) Bo Bai (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
    DeepCG: Classifying Metamorphic Malware through Deep Learning of Call Graphs
  • Jianhua Sun (College of William and Mary) Kun Sun (George Mason University) Chris Shenefiel (Cisco Systems, Inc.)
    Automated IoT Device Fingerprinting Through Encrypted Stream Classification
  • Keke Hu (Chinese Academy of Sciences) Xiaohui Zhang (Chinese Academy of Sciences) Yongming Wang (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
    Secrecy on a Gaussian Relay-Eavesdropper Channel with a Trusted Relay
  • Xunchao Hu (DeepBits Technology LLC) Brian Testa (Syracuse University) Heng Yin (University of California, Riverside)
    ChaffyScript: Vulnerability-Agnostic Defense ofJavaScript Exploits via Memory Perturbation
  • Yuping Li (Pinterest) Jiyong Jang (IBM) Xinming Ou (University of South Florida)
    Topology-Aware Hashing for Effective Control Flow Graph Similarity Analysis
  • Md Ali Reza Al Amin (Old Dominion University) Sachin Shetty (Old Dominion University) Laurent Njilla (Air Force Research Lab) Deepak Tosh (University of Texas at El Paso) Charles Kamhoua (Army Research Lab)
    Online Cyber Deception System using PartiallyObservable Monte-Carlo Planning Framework
  • Zhiqiang Li (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) Jun Sun (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) Qiben Yan (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) Witawas Srisa-An (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) Yutaka Tsutano (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)
    Obfusifier: Obfuscation-resistant Android Malware Detection System
  • Tao Chen (Oklahoma State University) Weiqi Cui (Oklahoma State University) Eric Chan-Tin (Loyola University Chicago)
    Measuring Tor Relay Popularity
  • Ali Al-Hashimi (Utah State University) Pratham Oza (Virginia Tech) Ryan Gerdes (Virginia Tech) Thidapat Chantem (Virginia Tech)
    The Disbanding Attack: Exploiting Human-in-the-loop Control in Vehicular Platooning
  • Steven Gianvecchio (The MITRE Corporation) Christopher Burkhalter (The MITRE Corporation) Hongying Lan (The MITRE Corporation) Andrew Sillers (The MITRE Corporation) Ken Smith (The MITRE Corporation)
    Closing the Gap with APTs through Semantic Clusters and Automated Cybergames
  • Raquel Alvarez (The Pennsylvania State University) Jake Levenson (The Pennsylvania State University) Patrick McDaniel (The Pennsylvania State University)
    Application Transiency: Towards a Fair Trade of Personal Information for Application Services
  • Chenglong Fu (Temple University) Xiaojiang Du (Temple University) Longfei Wu (Fayetteville State University) Qiang Zeng (University of South Carolina) Amr Mohamed (Qatar University) Mohsen Guizani (Qatar University)
    POKs Based Secure and Energy-Efficient Access Control for Implantable Medical Devices
  • Yifan Tian (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University) Jiawei Yuan (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University) Shucheng Yu (Stevens Institute of Technology) Yantian Hou (Boise State University) Houbing Song (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University)
    Edge-Assisted CNN Inference over Encrypted Data for Internet of Things
  • Shengmin Xu (Singapore Management University) Yingjiu Li (Singapore Management University) Ximeng Liu (Singapore Management University) Guomin Yang (University of Wollongong) Yinghui Zhang (Singapore Management University)
    Secure Attribute-Based Encryption Schemes with Revocability and Dual-Policy
  • Kyle Denney (Florida International University) Enes Erdin (Florida International University) Leonardo Babun (Florida International University) Michael Vai (Massachusetts Institute of Technology Lincoln Laboratory) A. Selcuk Uluagac (Florida International University)
    USB-Watch: A Dynamic Hardware-Assisted USB Threat Detection Framework
  • Kris Oosthoek (Delft University of Technology) Christian Doerr (Delft University of Technology)
    SoK: ATT&CK Techniques and Trends in Windows Malware
  • Truc Nguyen (University of Florida) My Thai (University of Florida)
    Trustless Double Auction Framework on Blockchain
  • Shaohua Ding (Nanjing University) Yulong Tian (Nanjing University) Fengyuan Xu (Nanjing University) Qun Li (College of William and Mary) Sheng Zhong (Nanjing University)
    Trojan Attack on Deep Generative Models in Autonomous Driving

Short Papers

  • Tong Liu (Chinese Academy of Sciences) Liwei Chen (Chinese Academy of Sciences) Gang Shi (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
    TMILR: Tagged Memory Supported Instruction Location Randomization Against Code-reuse Attack
  • Xuetao Wei (University of Cincinnati) Can Lu (University of Cincinnati) Fatma Rana Ozcan (University of Cincinnati) Ting Chen (University of Science and Technology of China) Boyang Wang (University of Cincinnati) Di Wu (Hunan University) Qiang Tang (New Jersey Institute of Technology)
    A Behavior-Aware Profiling of Smart Contracts
  • Feng Zhu (Chinese Academy of Science) Peisong Shen (Chinese Academy of Science) Chi Chen (Chinese Academy of Science)
    A Performance-Optimization Method for Reusable Fuzzy Extractor Based on Block Error Distribution of Iris Trait
  • Jing Ge (Beijing Institute of Technology) An Wang (Beijing Institute of Technology) Liehuang Zhu (Beijing Institute of Technology) Xin Liu (Beijing Institute of Technology) Ning Shang (Beijing Institute of Technology) Guoshuang Zhang (Beijing Institute of Technology)
    Power Analysis and Protected Implementation on Lightweight Cipher SPECK and Its Application in IoT
  • Mingli Zhang (Chinese Academy of Sciences) Liming Wang (Chinese Academy of Sciences) Jing Yang (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
    A Privacy-Respecting Blockchain-Based Authentication Method with One-Time Password
  • Tian Liu (Auburn University) Tao Shu (Auburn University)
    Adversarial False Data Injection Attack against Nonlinear AC State Estimation with ANN in Smart Grid
  • Yunsen Lei (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) Craig Shue (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
    Detecting Root-Level Endpoint Sensor Compromises with Correlated Activity
  • Yuzhe Tang (Syracuse University) Ju Chen (Syracuse University) Kai Li (Syracuse University)
    Log-Structured Authenticated Data Structures for Secure Cloud Storage with Minimal Trust
  • Alexandros Bakas (Tampere University) Antonis Michalas (Tampere University)
    Modern Family: A Revocable Hybrid Encryption Scheme Based on Attribute-Based Encryption, Symmetric Searchable Encryption and SGX
  • Hongfa Xue (The George Washington University) Yurong Chen (The George Washington University) Guru Venkataramani (The George Washington University) Tian Lan (The George Washington University)
    Hecate: Automated Customization of Program and Communication Features to Reduce Attack Surfaces
  • Montida Pattaranantakul (IMT Lille Douai) Qipeng Song (IMT Lille Douai) Yanmei Tian (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications) Licheng Wang (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications) Zonghua Zhang (IMT Lille Douai) Ahmed Meddahi (IMT Lille Douai)
    Footprints: Ensuring Trusted Service Function Chaining in the World of SDN and NFV
  • Edona Fasllija (A-SIT Secure Information Technology Center Austria) Hasan Ferit Enisüer (Bogazici University) Bernd Prunster (Graz University of Technology)
    Phish-Hook: Detecting Phishing Certificates Using Certificate Transparency Logs
  • Abhishek Tiwari (University of Potsdam) Sascha Grofl (University of Potsdam) Christian Hammer (University of Potsdam)
    IIFA: Modular Inter-app Intent Information Flow Analysis of Android Applications
  • Robert Podschwadt (University of North Texas) Hassan Takabi (University of North Texas)
    Effectiveness of Adversarial Examples and Defenses for Malware Classification
  • Ryan Karl (University of Notre Dame) Tim Burchfield (University of Notre Dame) Jonathan Takeshita (University of Notre Dame) Taeho Jung (University of Notre Dame)
    Non-Interactive MPC with Trusted Hardware Secure Against Residual Function Attacks
  • Kai He (Baidu Inc.) Liu Yang (Baidu Inc.) Jue Hong (Baidu Inc.)
    PrivC — A Framework for Efficient Secure Two-Party Computation
  • Marwan Albahar (Boise State University) Xing Gao (University of Memphis) Gaby G. Dagher (Boise State University) Daiping Liu (Palo Alto Networks) Fengwei Zhang (Wayne State University) Jidong Xiao (Boise State University)
    A Study of the Multiple Sign-in Feature in Web Applications
  • Tanya Khatri (Boise State University) Gaby G. Dagher (Boise State University) Yantian Hou (Boise State University)
    Privacy-Preserving Genomic Data Publishing via Differentially-Private Suffix Tree
  • Sharif Ullah (Old Dominion University) Sachin Shetty (Old Dominion University) Anup Nayak (Accenture Cyber Lab) Amin Hassanzadeh (Accenture Cyber Lab) Kamrul Hasan (Old Dominion University)
    Cyber Threat Analysis based on Characterizing Adversarial Behavior for Energy Deliver System
  • Meng Li (Hefei University of Technology) Liehuang Zhu (Beijing Institute of Technology) Xiaodong Lin (University of Guelph)
    CoRide: A Privacy-preserving Collaborative-Ride Hailing Service using Blockchain-assisted Vehicular Fog Computing