Accepted papers


Disrupting SDN via the Data Plane: A Low-Rate Flow Table Overflow Attack
Jiahao Cao, Mingwei Xu, Qi Li, Kun Sun, Yuan Yang and Jing Zheng

Exposing LTE Security Weaknesses at Protocol Inter-Layer, and Inter-Radio Interactions
Muhammad Taqi Raza, Fatima Muhammad Anwar and Songwu Lu

Query Recovery Attacks on Searchable Encryption Based on Partial Knowledge
Guofeng Wang, Chuanyi Liu, Yingfei Dong, Hezhong Pan, Peiyi Han and Binxing Fang

All Your Accounts Are Belong to Us
Vlad Bulakh, Andrew Kaizer and Minaxi Gupta

Very Short Intermittent DDoS Attacks in an Unsaturated System
Huasong Shan, Qingyang Wang and Qiben Yan

Achieve Efficient and Privacy-preserving Proximity Detection scheme for Social Applications
Fengwei Wang, Hui Zhu, Rongxing Lu, Fen Liu, Cheng Huang and Hui Li

An efficient Trustzone-based In-application Isolation Schema for Mobile Authenticators
Zhang Yingjun, Qin Yu, Feng Dengguo, Yang Bo and Wang Weijin

Gray-box Software Integrity Checking via Side-channels
Hong Liu and Eugene Vasserman

A Program Manipulation Middleware And Its Applications on System Security
Ting Chen, Yang Xu and Xiaosong Zhang

BluePass: A Secure Hand-free Password Manager
Yue Li, Haining Wang and Kun Sun

Visual Analysis of Android Malware Behavior Profile Based on PMCGdroid: A Pruned Lightweight APP Call Graph
Yan Zhang, Gui Peng, Lu Yang, Yazhe Wang, Minghui Tian and Jianxing Hu

H2DoS: An Application-Layer DoS Attack towards HTTP/2 Protocol
Xiang Ling, Chunming Wu, Shouling Ji and Meng Han

Defining and Detecting Environment Discrimination in Android Apps
Yunfeng Hong, Yongjian Hu, Chun-Ming Lai, Felix Wu, Iulian Neamtiu, Yu Paul, Hasan Cam and Gail-Joon Ahn

Outsourced k-Means Clustering over Encrypted Data under Multiple Keys in Spark Framework
Hong Rong, Huimei Wang, Jian Liu, Jialu Hao and Ming Xian

HSTS Measurement and A New Stripping Attack Against HTTPS
Xurong Li, Chunming Wu, Shouling Ji, Qinchen Gu and Raheem Beyah

Guilt-by-Association: Detecting Malicious Entities via Graph Mining
Pejman Najafi, Andrey Sapegin, Feng Cheng and Christoph Meinel

Twisting Lattice and Graph Techniques to Compress Transactional Ledgers
Rémi Géraud, David Naccache and Răzvan Roşie

Exploring the “Social Network” of Real-World Passwords: Visualization and Estimation
Xiujia Guo and Zhao Wang

LinkFlow: Efficient Large-Scale Inter-App Privacy Leakage Detection
Yi He, Qi Li and Kun Sun

Mending Wall: On the Implementation of Censorship in India
Devashish Gosain, Anshika Agarwal, Hrishikesh Bhattacharya and Sambuddho Chakravarty

ThiefTrap – An Anti-Theft Framework for Android
Sascha Groß, Abhishek Tiwari and Christian Hammer

A deep learning based online malicious URL and DNS detection scheme
Jianguo Jiang, Jiuming Chen, K-K-Raymond Choo, Chao Liu, Kunying Liu and Min Yu

Privacy-Preserving Relevance Ranking Scheme and Its Application in Multi-Keyword Searchable Encryption
Peisong Shen, Chi Chen and Xiaojie Zhu

Enhancing Android Security through App Splitting
Drew Davidson, Vaibhav Rastogi, Mihai Christodorescu and Somesh Jha

Understanding Adversarial Strategies from Bot Recruitment to Scheduling
Wentao Chang, Aziz Mohaisen, An Wang and Songqing Chen

SDN-Based Kernel Modular Countermeasure for Intrusion Detection
Tommy Chin, Kaiqi Xiong and Mohamed Rahouti

Obfuscation with Turing Machine
Yan Wang, Shuai Wang, Pei Wang and Dinghao Wu

VCIDS: Collaborative Intrusion Detection of Sensor and Actuator Attacks on Connected Vehicles
Pinyao Guo, Hunmin Kim, Le Guan, Minghui Zhu and Peng Liu

8Optimizing TLB for Access Pattern Privacy Protection in Data Outsourcing
Yao Liu, Qingkai Zeng and Pinghai Yuan

Lambda Obfuscation
Pengwei Lan, Pei Wang, Shuai Wang and Dinghao Wu

Inferring Implicit Assumptions and Correct Usage of Mobile Payment Protocol
Quanqi Ye, Guangdong Bai, Naipeng Dong and Jin Song Dong



RProve: Towards Replaying Kernel Malware Attack Story for Provenance Tracing
Chonghua Wang, Shiqing Ma, Xiangyu Zhang, Junghwan Rhee, Xiaochun Yun, Zhiyu Hao, Lei Cui and Yaqiong Peng

JSForce: A Forced Execution Engine for Malicious JavaScript Detection
Xunchao Hu, Yao Cheng, Yue Duan, Andrew Henderson and Heng Yin

An On-Demand Defense Scheme Against DNS Cache Poisoning Attacks
Zheng Wang, Shui Yu and Scott Rose

SLIM: Secure and Lightweight Identity Management in VANETs with Minimum Infrastructure Reliance
Jian Kang, Yousef Elmehdwi and Dan Lin

MPOPE: Multi-Provider Order-Preserving Encryption for Cloud Data Privacy
Jinwen Liang, Zheng Qin, Sheng Xiao, Jixin Zhang, Hui Yin and Keqin Li

FRProtector: Defeating Control Flow Hijacking Through Function-level Randomization and Transfer Protection
Jianming Fu, Rui Jin and Yan Lin

DiffGuard: Obscuring sensitive information in Canary based Protections
Jun Zhu, Bing Mao, Weiping Zhou and Zhilong Wang

BKI: Towards Accountable and Decentralized Public-Key Infrastructure with Blockchain
Zhiguo Wan

Cross-site Input Inference Attacks on Mobile Web Users
Rui Zhao, Chuan Yue and Qi Han

A-Tor: Accountable Anonymity in Tor
Rui Zhao, Chuan Yue and Qi Han

A Sudoku Matrix-based Method of Pitch Period Steganography in Low-rate Speech Coding
Zhongliang Yang, Xueshun Peng and Yongfeng Huang

VaultIME: Regaining User Control For Password Manager through Auto-correction
Le Guan, Sadegh Farhang, Yu Pu, Pinyao Guo, Jens Grossklags and Peng Liu

TopHat: Topology-based Host-Level Attribution for Multi-Stage Attacks in Enterprise Systems using Software Defined Networks
Subramaniyam Kannan, Paul Wood, Somali Chaterji and Saurabh Bagchi

A Framework for Formal Analysis of Privacy on SSO Protocols
Kailong Wang, Guangdong Bai, Naipeng Dong and Jin Song Dong

ROPOB: Obfuscating Binary Code via Return Oriented Programming
Jia Guo, Dongliang Mu and Bing Mao



Social Networks

Privacy Preservation in Social Networks Sequential Releases
Safia Bourahla, Ecole Supérieure en Informatique, Algeria
Yacine Challal, Université de Technologie de Compiègne, France

SoNeUCON_{ABC} Pro: an access control model for social networks with translucent user provenance
Lorena González Manzano, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain
Mark Slaymaker, Open University, UK
José María De Fuentes, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain
Dimitris Vayenas, University of Oxford, UK

Human Factors, Self-awareness and Intervention Approaches in Cyber Security when using Mobile Devices and Social Networks
Kenneth Eustace, Charles Sturt University, Australia
Rafiqul Islam, Charles Sturt University, Australia
Philip Tsang, Web Consortium Education Foundation, HK
Geoffrey Fellows, Charles Sturt University, Australia

Privacy in Social Media
Erdal Ozkaya, Charles Sturt University, Australia
Rafiqul Islam, Charles Sturt University, Australia


Fast and Robust Biometric Authentication Scheme using Human Ear
Mozammel Chowdhury, Charles Sturt University, Australia
Rafiqul Islam, Charles Sturt University, Australia
Junbin Gao, University of Sydney, Australia

Securing Healthcare Data using Biometric Authentication
Sharmin Jahan, Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh
Mozammel Chowdhury, Charles Sturt University, Australia
Junaid Chaudhry, Edith Cowan University, Australia

Exploring secure communication in VANET broadcasting
Muhammad Jafer, Charles Sturt University, Australia
Arif Khan, Charles Sturt University, Australia
Sabih Ur Rehman, Charles Sturt University, Australia
Tanveer A. Zia, Charles Sturt University, Australia

Cyber Security I

SecControl: Bridging the Gap Between Security Tools and SDN Controllers
Li Wang, The Pennsylvania State University, USA
Dinghao Wu, The Pennsylvania State University, USA

Hiding Fast Flux Botnet in Plain Email Sight
Zhi Wang, Nankai University, China
Meilin Qin, Nankai University, China

Cyber security decision support for remediation in automated computer network defence
Maxwell Dondo, Defence Research and Development Canada, Canada

Identification of forensic artifacts in VMWare virtualized computing
Cory Smith, The University of Texas at San Antonio, USA
Glenn Dietrich, The University of Texas at San Antonio, USA
Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo, The University of Texas at San Antonio, USA

Cyber Security II

A new cyber security framework towards secure data communication for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)
Md Samsul Haque, Deakin University, Australia
Morshed Chowdhury, Deakin University, Australia

Situational Crime Prevention and the Mitigation of Cloud Computing Threats
Chaz Vidal, University of South Australia, Australia
Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo, The University of Texas at San Antonio, USA

WebAD2: A Cascading Model Based on Machine Learning for Web Attacks Detection
Ying Lin, Beihang University, China
Bo Li, Beihang University, China

Mobile Networks

Optimized Trust Management in Wireless Sensor Networks
Xiaojun Wu, Xi’an Jiaotong University, China
Jianbo Shao, Xi’an Jiaotong University, China
Jiakai Xiao, Xi’an Jiaotong University, China

Possible keyloggers without implementing a keyboard in Android
Itzael Jimenez, CIC-IPN, Mexico
Eleazar Aguirre Anaya, CIC-IPN, Mexico
Raul Acosta, CIC-IPN, Mexico
Ponciano Jorge Escamilla-Ambrosio, CIC-IPN, Mexico

An effective approach for dealing with the pressure to compromise security during systems development
Yeslam Al-Saggaf, Charles Sturt University, Australia