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12th EAI International Conference on Security and Privacy in Communication Networks

October 10–12, 2016 | Guangzhou, People's Republic of China

General Co-Chairs:

Robert Deng, Singapore Management University, Singapore

Jian Weng, Jinan University, Guangzhou, China

TPC Co-Chairs:

Kui Ren, SUNY Buffalo, USA

Vinod Yegneswaran, SRI International, USA

Local Chair:

Liang Gu, Jinan University and Yale University, USA

Publications Chair:

Xiaodong Lin, University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Canada

Workshop Co-Chairs:

Aziz Mohaisen, SUNY Buffalo, USA

Songqing Chen, George Mason University, USA

Panels Co-Chairs:

Danfeng Yao, Virginia Tech, USA

Roberto Di Pietro, University of Rome III, Italy

Publicity and Social Media Co-Chairs

Weili Han, Fudan University, China

Rongxing Lu, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Marina Blanton, University of Notre Dame, USA

Ruggero Donida Labati, University of Milan, Italy

Web Chair

Cong Wang, City University of Hong Kong, HK

Sponsorship and Exhibits Chair:

Yongdong Wu, Institute for Infocom Research, Singapore

Conference Coordinator

Anna Horvathova, EAI - European Alliance for Innovation