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12th EAI International Conference on Security and Privacy in Communication Networks

October 10–12, 2016 | Guangzhou, People's Republic of China



Qian Wang, Xiao Lu, Yan Zhang, Zhibo Wang, Zhan Qin and Kui Ren. SecWeb: Privacy-preserving Web Browsing Monitoring with w-Event Differential Privacy


Sang-Yoon Chang, Shaoying Cai, Hwajung Seo and Yih-Chun Hu. Key Updates at Train Stations: Two-Layer Dynamic Key Update Scheme for Secure Train Communications


Hailiang Fu, Guoqiang Bai and Xingjun Wu. A Very Compact Masked S-Box for High-Performance Implementation of SM4 Based on Composite Field


Lorena González Manzano, José María De Fuentes and K. Raymond Choo. ase-PoW: a Proof of Ownership mechanism for cloud deduplication in hierarchical environments


Mohammad Karami and Songqing Chen. Attribution of Economic Denial of Sustainability Attacks in Public Clouds


Yuta Takata, Mitsuaki Akiyama, Takeshi Yagi, Takeshi Yada and Shigeki Goto. Website Forensic Investigation to Identify Evidence and Impact of Compromise


Dong Shen, Zhangkai Zhang, Xuhua Ding, Zhoujun Li and Robert Deng. H-Binder: A Hardened Binder Framework On Android Systems


Zheng Xiao, Cheng Wang, Weili Han and Changjun Jiang. Unique on the Road: Re-identication of Vehicular Location-Based Metadata


Jianming Fu, Yan Lin and Xu Zhang. Environment Impact on Branch Transfer of Software


Zhiqiang Li, Lichao Sun, Qiben Yan, Witawas Srisa-An and Zhenxiang Chen. DroidClassifier: Efficient Adaptive Mining of Application-Layer Header for Classifying Android Malware


Xing Liu, Sencun Zhu, Wei Wang and Jiqiang Liu. Alde: Privacy Risk Analysis of Analytics Libraries in the Android Ecosystem


Hui Cui, Robert H. Deng, Xuhua Ding and Yingjiu Li. Attribute-Based Encryption with Granular Revocation


Yongfeng Li, Shanqing Guo and Bing Mao. Data Flow Analysis on Android Platform with Fragment Lifecycle Modeling


Shaoyong Du, Yue Gao, Jingyu Hua and Sheng Zhong. Secure Keyboards against Motion Based Keystroke Inference Attack


Jing Yang, Yuan Ma, Tianyu Chen, Jingqiang Lin and Jiwu Jing. Extracting More Entropy for TRNGs based on the Coherent Sampling


Yanhong He, Xianyi Zheng, Ziyuan Zhu and Gang Shi. TZ-SSAP: Security-Sensitive Application Protection on Hardware-assisted Isolated Environment


Yao Liu, Ming Xu, Jian Xu, Ning Zheng and Xiaodong Lin. SQLite Forensic Analysis Based on WAL


Jianbing Ni, Kuan Zhang, Xiaodong Lin, Yong Yu and Xuemin Shen. Cloud-Based Privacy-Preserving Parking Navigation through Vehicular Communications


Nicolas Van Balen, Christopher Ball and Haining Wang. A Behavioral Biometrics Based Approach to Online Gender Classication


Wei Shi, Jean-Pierre Corriveau and Mengfei Peng. Faulty Node Repair and Dynamically Spawned Black Hole Search


Nathaniel Lageman, Eric Kilmer, Robert Walls and Patrick McDaniel. BinDNN: Resilient Function Matching Using Deep Learning


Muqing Liu, Juanru Li, Juliang Shu, Yuanyuan Zhang and Dawu Gu. Security Analysis of Vendor Customized Code in Firmware of Embedded Device


Yacong Gu, Yao Cheng, Lingyun Ying, Yemian Lu, Qi Li and Purui Su. Exploiting Android System Services Through Bypassing Service Helpers


Ling Yang, Fuyang Fang, Xianhui Lu, Wen Tao Zhu, Qiongxiao Wang, Shen Yan and Shiran Pan. A Secure and Fast Dispersal Storage Scheme Based on the Learning with Errors Problem


Qinglong Zhang, Zongbin Liu, Cunqing Ma, Changting Li, Lingchen Zhang and Jiwu Jing. FROPUF: How to Extract More Entropy from Two Ring Oscillators in FPGA-Based PUFs


Russell W. F. Lai and Sherman S. M. Chow. Parallel and Dynamic Structured Encryption


Nicolae Paladi and Christian Gehrmann. TruSDN: Bootstrapping Trust in Cloud Network Infrastructure


Enrico Bacis, Sabrina De Capitani di Vimercati, Sara Foresti, Stefano Paraboschi, Marco Rosa and Pierangela Samarati. Access Control Management for Secure Cloud Storage


Zhengyang Qu, Guanyu Guo, Zhengyue Shao, Vaibhav Rastogi, Yan Chen, Hao Chen and Wangjun Hong. AppShield: Enabling Multi-entity Access Control Cross Platforms for Mobile App Management


Chengyu Zheng, Stefano Zanero and Federico Maggi. GreatEatlon: Fast Static Detection of Modern Mobile Ransomware


Assad Umar, Iakovos Gurulian, Keith Mayes and Konstantinos Markantonakis. Tokenisation Blacklisting using Linkable Group Signatures


Tao Zhang, Xiuhua Wang and Sherman S. M. Chow. Privacy-Preserving Multi-Pattern Matching



Pinaki Sarkar and Morshed Chowdhury. Secure IoT Using Weighted Signed Graphs


Jiangyong Shi and Yuexiang Yang. Architecture Support for Controllable VMI on Untrusted Cloud


Biplob Ray, Morshed Chowdhury and Dr. Jemal Abawajy. A Multi-Protocol Security Framework to Support Internet of Things


Mozammel Chowdhury, Junbin Gao and Rafiqul Islam. Biometric Authentication using Facial Recognition


Wu Tianjun and Yang Yuexiang. IacCE: Extended Taint Path Guided Dynamic Analysis of Android Inter-­App Data Leakage


Fidel Ikundi. Platform as a Service (PaaS) in Public Cloud: Challenges and Mitigating strategy


Mark Carman and Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo. Tinder me softly – How safe are you really on Tinder?


Kamini Simi Bajaj. A Multi-Layer Model to Detect Spam Email at Client Side


Jemal Abawajy and Zaher Al Aghbari. Securing Websites against Homograph Attacks