Accepted papers

Full papers

PEDR: A Novel Evil Twin Attack Detection Scheme Based on Phase Error Drift Range
Jiahui Zhang, Qian Lu, Ruobing Jiang, Haipeng Qu, Jiahui Zhang

ThreatZoom: Hierarchical Neural Network for CVEs to CWEs Classification
Ehsan Aghaei, Waseem Shadid, Ehab Al-Shaer, Ehab Al-Shaer

Share Withholding in Blockchain Mining
Sang-Yoon Chang

Coronavirus Contact Tracing App Privacy: What Data Is Shared By The Singapore OpenTrace App?
Douglas J. Leith, Stephen Farrell

Selecting Privacy Enhancing Technologies for IoT-Based Services
Immanuel Kunz, Christian Banse, Philipp Stephanow

IntEgrity: finding integer errors by targeted fuzzing
Yuyang Rong, Peng Chen, Hao Chen,

SmartWiFi: Universal and Secure Smart Contract-Enabled WiFi Hotspot
Nikolay Ivanov, Jianzhi Lou, Qiben Yan

SmartSwitch: Efficient Traffic Obfuscation against Stream Fingerprinting
Haipeng Li, Ben Niu, Boyang Wang

CacheLoc: Leveraging CDN Edge Servers for User Geolocation
Mingkui Wei, Khaled Rabieh, Faisal Kaleem

Email Address Mutation for Proactive Deterrence Against Lateral Spear-phishing Attack
Md Mazharul Islam, Ehab Al-Shaer, Muhammad Abdul Basit Ur Rahim, Ehab Al-Shaer

A Brokerage Approach for Secure Multi-Cloud Storage Resource Management
Muhammad Ihsan Haikal Sukmana, Kennedy Aondona Torkura, Sezi Dwi Sagarianti Prasetyo, Feng Cheng, Christoph Meinel

A Practical Machine Learning-Based Framework to Detect DNS Covert Communication in Enterprises
Ruming Tang, Cheng Huang, Yanti Zhou, Haoxian Wu, Xianglin Lu, Yongqian Sun, Qi Li, Jinjin Li, Weiyao Huang, Siyuan Sun

The Bitcoin Hunter: Detecting Bitcoin Traffic Over Encrypted Channels
Fatemeh Rezaei, Shahrzad Naseri, Amir Houmansadr, Ittay Eyal

Best-Effort Adversarial Approximation of Black-Box Malware Classifiers
Abdullah Ali, Birhanu Eshete

A Formal Verification of Configuration-based Mutation Techniques for Moving Target Defense
Muhammad Abdul Basit Ur Rahim, Qi Duan, Ehab Al-Shaer, Muhammad Abdul Basit Rahim, Ehab Al-Shaer

Misreporting Attacks in Software-Defined Networking
Quinn Burke, Patrick McDaniel, Thomas La Porta, Mingli Yu, Ting He

TransNet: Unseen Malware Variants Detection Using Deep Transfer Learning
Candong Rong, Gaopeng Gou, Mingxin Cui, Gang Xiong, Zhen Li, Li Guo

Improving Robustness of a Popular Probabilistic Clustering Algorithm Against Insider Attacks
Sayed M. Saghaian N. E., Tom La Porta, Simone Silvestri, Patrick McDaniel

On the Effectiveness of Behavior-based Ransomware Detection
Jaehyun Han, Zhiqiang Lin, Donald Porter

Automated Bystander Anonymization in Mobile Photography
David Darling, Ang Li, Qinghua Li

A Cooperative Jamming Game in Wireless Networks under Uncertainty
Zhifan Xu, Melike Baykal-Gursoy

Modeling Mission Impact of Cyber Attacks on Energy Delivery Systems
Md Ariful Haque, Sachin Shetty, Charles Kamhoua, Kimberly Gold

Assessing Adaptive Attacks Against Trained JavaScript Classifiers
Niels Hansen, Lorenzo De Carli, Drew Davidson

Using the Physical Layer to Detect Attacks on Building Automation Networks
Andreas Zdziarstek, Willi Brekenfelder, Felix Eibisch

Review Trade: Everything is Free in Incentivized Review Groups
Yubao Zhang, Shuai Hao, Haining Wang

MAAN: A Multiple Attribute Association Network for Mobile Encrypted Traffic Classification
Fengzhao Shi, Chao Zheng, Yiming Cui, Qingyun Liu

Identifying DApps and User Behaviors on Ethereum via Encrypted Traffic
Yu Wang, Zhenzhen Li, Gaopeng Gou, Gang Xiong, Zhen Li

A Study of the Privacy of COVID-19 Contact Tracing Apps
Haohuang Wen, Qingchuan Zhao, Zhiqiang Lin, Dong Xuan, Ness Shroff

Blockchain based Multi-keyword Similarity Search Scheme over Encrypted Data
Mingyue Li, Chunfu Jia, Wei Shao

EW256357: A New Secure NIST P-256 Compatible Elliptic Curve for VoIP Applications’ Security
Nilanjan Sen, Ram Dantu, Krill Morozov

An Encryption System for Securing Physical Signals
Yisroel Mirsky, Benjamin Fedidat, Yoram Haddad

Malware Classification using Attention-based Transductive Learning Network
Liting Deng, Hui Wen, Mingfeng Xin, Yue Sun, Limin Sun, Hongsong Zhu

LaaCan: A Lightweight Authentication Architecture for Vehicle Controller Area Network
Syed Akib Anwar Hridoy, Mohammad Zulkernine

The Maestro Attack: Orchestrating Malicious Flows With BGP
Tyler McDaniel, Jared M. Smith, Max Schuchard

ByPass: Reconsidering the Usability of Password Managers
Elizabeth Stobert, Tina Safaie, Amr Youssef, Mohammad Mannan

COOB: Hybrid secure device pairing scheme in a hostile environment
Sameh Khalfaoui, Jean Leneutre, Arthur Villard, Jingxuan Ma, Pascal Urien

Connecting Web Event Forecasting with Anomaly Detection: A Case Study on Enterprise Web Applications Using Self-Supervised Neural Networks
Xiaoyong Yuan, Lei Ding, Malek Ben Salem, Xiaolin Lin, Dapeng Wu, Lei Ding

pyDNetTopic: A Framework for Uncovering What Darknet Market Users Talking About
Jingcheng Yang, Haowei Ye, Futai Zou

PoQ: A Consensus Protocol for Private Blockchains Using Intel SGX
Golam Dastoger Bashar, Alejandro Anzola Avila, Gaby G. Dagher

A robust watermarking scheme with high security and low computational complexity
Liangjia Li, Yuling Luo, Lanhang Li, Junxiu Liu

Short papers:

IoT Malware detection based on Hierarchical Transformer Model
Xiaohui Hu, Rui Sun, Kejia Xu, Yongzheng Zhang, Peng Chang

Perturbing Smart Contract Execution through the Underlying Runtime
Pinchen Cui, David Umphress

Ucam: A User-Centric, Blockchain-Based and End-to-End Secure Home IP Camera System
Xinxin Fan, Zhi Zhong, Qi Chai, Dong Guo

MisMesh: Security Issues and Challenges in Service Meshes
Dalton A. Hahn, Drew Davidson, Alexandru G. Bardas

Private Global Generator Aggregation from Different Types of Local Models
Chunling Han, Rui Xue

SGX-Cube: An SGX-Enhanced Single Sign-On System against Server-side Credential Leakage
Songsong Liu, Qiyang Song, Kun Sun, Qi Li, Qiyang Song

On the Accuracy of Measured Distances of Bluetooth-based Contact Tracing
Qingchuan Zhao, Haohuang Wen, Zhiqiang Lin, Dong Xuan, Ness Shroff

AOMDroid: Detecting Obfuscation Variants of Android Malware Using Transfer Learning
Yu Jiang, Ruixuan Li, Heng Yin, Junwei Tang, Ali Davanian

EmergencyComm papers:

PrivyTRAC – Privacy and Security Preserving Contact Tracing System
Ssu-Hsin Yu

Khopesh – Contact Tracing Without Sacrificing Privacy
Friedrich Doku

Formalizing Dynamic Behaviors of Smart Contract Workflow in Smart Healthcare Supply Chain
Mohammad Saidur Rahman, Ibrahim Khalil, Abdelaziz Bouras


A Machine Learning based Smartphone App for GPS Spoofing Detection

Javier Campos, Kristin Johnson, Jonathan Neeley, Staci Roesh, Farha Jahan, Quamar Niyaz, Khair Al Shamaileh

An Empirical Study of Phishing E-mail Detection and Analysis

Akash Sundararaj, Gokhan Kul

TCNN: Two-way Convolutional Neural Network for Image Steganalysis

Zhili Chen, Baohua Yang, Fuhu Wu, Shuai Ren, Hong Zhong

Anomaly Detection on Web-User Behaviors through Deep Learning

Jiaping Gui, Zhengzhang Chen, Xiao Yu, Cristian Lumezanu, and Haifeng Chen

Machine Learning-Based Early Detection of IoT Botnets 

Ayush Kumar, Mrinalini Shridhar, Sahithya Swaminathan, Teng Joon Lim

Detecting Dictionary Based AGDs Based On Community Detection

Qianying Shen, Futai Zou

VALID: Voltage-Based Lightweight Intrusion Detection for the Controller Area Network

Oleg Schell, Marcel Kneib

Evaluating the Cost of Personnel Activities in Cybersecurity Management: a Case Study

Rafal Leszczyna

Differentially Private Social Graph Publishing for Community Detection

Jingyu Yang, Xuebin Ma

Identity Armour: Modern Protections for Modern Browser Security

Ross Copeland, Drew Davidson

Performance Analysis of Elliptic Curves for VoIP Audio Encryption using a Softphone

Nilanjan Sen, Ram Dantu, Mark Thompson

Post-Quantum Cryptography in WireGuard VPN

Quentin Maximilian Kniep, Wolf Müller, Jens-Peter Redlich