Accepted papers


A Metapolicy Framework for Enhancing Domain Expressiveness on the Internet
Gaurav Varshney and Pawel Szalachowski

Local Storage on Steroids: Abusing Web Browsers for Hidden Content Storage and Distribution
Juan D Parra Rodriguez and Joachim Posegga

FrameHanger: Evaluating and Classifying Iframe Injection at Large Scale
Ke Tian, Zhou Li, Kevin Bowers and Danfeng Yao

Shuffler: Mitigate Cross-VM Side-channel Attacks via Hypervisor Scheduling
Li Liu, An Wang, Wanyu Zang, Meng Yu, Mengbai Xiao and Songqing Chen

Mission-oriented Security Model, Incorporating Security Risk, Cost and Payout
Sayed M. Saghaian N. E., Tom La Porta, Trent Jaeger, Z. Berkay Celik and Patrick McDaniel

Privacy-Preserving Multiparty Learning For Logistic Regression
Wei Du, Ang Li and Qinghua Li

An Adaptive Primary User Emulation Attack Detection Mechanism for Cognitive Radio Networks
Qi Dong, Yu Chen, Xiaohua Li, Kai Zeng and Roger Zimmermann

Automated Identification of Sensitive Data via Flexible User Requirements
Ziqi Yang and Zhenkai Liang     

VeReMi: A Dataset for Comparable Evaluation of Misbehavior Detection in VANETs
Rens W. van der Heijden, Thomas Lukaseder and Frank Kargl

Birds of a Feather Flock Together: Fuzzy Extractor and Gait-Based Robust Group Secret Key Generation for Smart Wearables
Chitra Javali and Girish Revadigar

Xilara: An XSS Filter Based on HTML Template Restoration
Keitaro Yamazaki, Daisuke Kotani and Yasuo Okabe

Understanding the Hidden Cost of Software Vulnerabilities: Measurements and Predictions
Afsah Anwar, Aminollah Khormali, DaeHun Nyang and Aziz Mohaisen

Detecting and Defending Against Certificate Attacks with Origin Bound CAPTCHAS
Vinod Yegneswaran, Adil Ahmad, Faizan Ahmad, Wei Lei, and Zaffar Fareed

Neural Network based Min-entropy Estimation for Random Number Generators
Jing Yang, Shuangyi Zhu, Tianyu Chen, Yuan Ma, Na Lv and Jingqiang Lin

Implementation of High Throughput XTS-SM4 Module for Data Storage Devices
Liang Zheng, Changting Li, Zongbin Liu, Lingchen Zhang and Cunqing Ma

Adaptive Deterrence of DNS Cache Poisoning
Sze Yiu Chau, Omar Chowdhury, Victor Gonsalves, Huangyi Ge, Weining Yang, Sonia Fahmy and Ninghui Li

SDN-Assisted Network-Based Mitigation of Slow DDoS Attacks
Thomas Lukaseder, Lisa Maile, Benjamin Erb and Frank Kargl

Privacy-Enhanced Fraud Detection with Bloom filters
Daniel Arp, Erwin Quiring, Tammo Krueger, Stanimir Dragiev and Konrad Rieck             

Secure and Efficient Outsourcing of Large-Scale Overdetermined Systems of Linear Equations            
Shiran Pan, Wen-Tao Zhu, Qiongxiao Wang and Bing Chang;

Securing the Smart Home via a Two-Mode Security Framework
Devkishen Sisodia, Samuel Mergendahl, Jun Li and Hasan Cam

Detecting Suspicious Members in An Online Emotional Support Service
Yu Li, Dae Wook Kim, Junjie Zhang and Derek Doran

Secure and Efficient Multi-Party Directory Publication for Privacy-Preserving Data Sharing
Katchaguy Areekijseree, Ju Chen, Yuzhe Tang, Shuang Wang, Arun Iyengar and Balaji Palanisamy

Privacy-Preserving Biometric-Based Remote User Authentication with Leakage Resilience
Yangguang Tian, Yingjiu Li, Rongmao Chen, Nan Li, Ximeng Liu, Bing Chang and Xinjie Yu

Understanding Android Obfuscation Techniques: A Large-Scale Investigation in the Wild
Shuaike Dong, Menghao Li, Wenrui Diao, Xiangyu Liu, Jian Liu, Zhou Li, Fenghao Xu, Kai Chen, Xiaofeng Wang and Kehuan Zhang  

A Mobile Botnet That Meets Up at Twitter
Yulong Dong, Jun Dai and Xiaoyan Sun

A Secure Remote Patient Monitoring Framework Supporting Efficient Fine-grained Access Control and Data Processing in IoT
Yaxing Chen, Wenhai Sun, Ning Zhang, Qinghua Zheng, Wenjing Lou and Y. Thomas Hou

A Multi-Protocol Authentication Shibboleth Framework and Implementation for Identity Federation
Mengyi Li, Chi-Hung Chi, Chen Ding, Raymond Wong and Zhong She

Se-Lambda: Securing Privacy-Sensitive Serverless Applications using SGX Enclave
Weizhong Qiang, Zezhao Dong and Hai Jin

PoliteCamera: Respecting Strangers’ Privacy in Mobile Photographing
Ang Li, Wei Du and Qinghua Li

Improved Quantum Key Distribution Networks
Ya-Qi Song and Li Yang

CAVAS: Neutralizing Application and Container Security Vulnerabilities in the Cloud Native Era
Kennedy A Torkura, Muhammad Ihsan Haikal Sukmana, Feng Cheng and Christoph Meinel

A Formal Logic Framework for the Automation of the Right to be Forgotten
Abhishek Tiwari, Fabian Bendun and Christian Hammer

Towards a Reliable and Accountable Cyber Supply Chain in Energy Delivery System Using Blockchain
Xueping Liang, Sachin Shetty, Deepak Tosh, Yafei Ji and Danyi Li



Inferring UI States of Mobile Applications through Power Side Channel Exploitation
Yao Guo, Junming Ma, Wenjun Wu and Xiangqun Chen

Social Bot Detection Using Tweets Similarity
Yahan Wang, Chunhua Wu, Kangfeng Zheng and Xiujuan Wang

A Machine Learning Framework for Studying Domain Generation Algorithm (DGA)-Based Malware
Tommy Chin, Kaiqi Xiong, Chengbin Hu and Yi Li

Out of Kilter: Holistic Exploitation of Denial of Service in Internet of Things
Suhas Setikere, Vinay Sachidananda and Yuval Elovici 

FGFDect: A Fine-Grained Features Classification Model for Android Malware Detection
Jianan Li, Chao Liu, Min Yu, Bo Luo, Song Li, Kai Chen, Weiqing Huang and Bin Lv

Transparent Low-Latency Network Layer Anonymisation for Mobile Devices
Stefan Köpsell, Martin Byrenheid, Alexander Naumenko and Thorsten Strufe 

Augmented chain of ownership : Configuring IoT devices with the help of the blockchain
Sophie Dramé-Maigné, Maryline Laurent, Laurent Castillo and Hervé Ganem  

On the Feasibility of Fine-Grained TLS Security Configurations in Web Browsers Based on the Requested Domain Name
Eman Alashwali and Kasper Rasmussen

Unchained Identities: Putting a Price on Sybil Nodes in Mobile Ad hoc Networks
Arne Bochem, Benjamin Leiding and Dieter Hogrefe

Differentially Private High-Dimensional Data Publication via Markov Network
Fengqiong Wei, Wei Zhang, Yunfang Chen and Jingwen Zhao

Privacy-Preserving Outsourcing of Large-Scale Nonlinear Programming to the Cloud
Ang Li, Wei Du and Qinghua Li

Building Your Private Cloud Storage on Public Cloud Service Using Embedded GPUs
Wangzhao Cheng, Fangyu Zheng, Wuqiong Pan, Jingqiang Lin, Huorong Li and Bingyu Li

GranDroid: Graph-based Detection of Malicious Network Behaviors in Android Applications
Zhiqiang Li, Jun Sun, Qiben Yan, Witawas Srisa-An and Shakthi Bachala

FriSM: Malicious Exploit Kit Detection via a Feature-based String-Similarity Matching
Sungjin Kim and Brent ByungHoon Kang

A Verifiable and Dynamic Multi-Keyword Ranked Search Scheme over Encrypted Cloud Data with Accuracy Improvement
Qi Zhang, Shaojing Fu, Nan Jia and Ming Xu

A Holistic Approach Towards Peer-to-Peer Security and why Proof of Work Won’t Do
Bernd Prünster, Dominik Ziegler, Christian Kollmann and Bojan Suzic

A Robust Intrusion Detection Network using Thresholdless Trust Management System with Incentive Design
Amir Rezapour and Wen-Guey Tzeng

Lexical Mining of Malicious Urls for Classifying Android malware
Bo Yang, Mauro Conti, Shanshan Wang, Qiben Yan, Zhenxiang Chen, Lin Wang and Riccardo Spolaor